Welcome to Slim!

Congratulations! Your new Slim Framework application is running. If this is your first time using Slim, start with this "Hello World" Tutorial.

Get Started

  1. The application code is in index.php
  2. Read the online documentation
  3. Follow @slimphp on Twitter

Slim Framework Community

Support Forum and Knowledge Base

Visit the Slim support forum and knowledge base to read announcements, chat with fellow Slim users, ask questions, help others, or show off your cool Slim Framework apps.


Follow @slimphp on Twitter to receive the very latest news and updates about the framework.


Find Josh Lockhart in the "##slim" IRC channel during the day. Say hi, ask questions, or just hang out with fellow Slim users.

Slim Framework Views

Custom View classes for Smarty and Twig are available online in a separate repository.

Browse the Views Repository